Thursday, August 27, 2009

Survey results

I had exams, so I could not really work on PewPew, but now I am back. Let's take a look at the survey results.
There were 46 responses, and I started having responses only minutes after I posted the link on touchArcade's forum. One cool thing is that they appear in real time, in a spreadsheet. Well done Google.
And wow, I can actually copy paste the generated summary into this post.
Here we go:

The game modes are pretty even, though it would appear you like shooting more than dodging.

What is your favorite game mode?

What is your least favorite game mode?

I find the music excellent, and you seem to agree. That's good because the composer is not cheap, he earns 50% of the profit* made with PewPew. The soundtrack is available for free by the way.

How would you rate the music?
Very poor

Ah! Google is not perfect after all, they messed up the parsing! That's about all we learn from this question, because I already knew that I am good at making a game balanced.

The difficulty of the "Assault" mode increases:

The difficulty of the "Chromatic Conflict" mode increases:

And now, the most important information I got: it appears you guys prefer a new game mode over online scores! That really really surprised me.

What would you prefer in the next update

In fact, I was planning on releasing an update with the only new thing beeing onlines scores, but that made me change my mind. So yeah, this survey was useful.
Also, I was thinking about doing a game mode that involved dropping bombs, but since you like shooting so much I went in a different direction... that I have yet to find.

Finally, I got a lot of interesting/passionated comments in the form. I'll talk about all the improvements I did for PewPew 1.2 in a futur post.
Thanks everyone.

* that amounts to exactly 0€