Wednesday, June 24, 2009


First of all, I am happy to announce that App of my Eye reviewed PewPew:
[...] the biggest praise we have for this game is it’s controls, which are very responsive and just feels great overall. If not THE best controls that we’ve ever had in an iPhone game, definitely one of the best. Other publishers/developers should take note. A must-have app for every level of gamer and amazingly, it’s free.

Secondly, last Friday (the 19th), I submitted an other update. Let's hope Apple will validate it more quickly than the last one I submitted!
The most important changes in the new version (PewPew v1.1) are that:
  • The difficulty increases more slowly in the Assault mode.
  • Because the gameplay changed a little bit, the replays you did are incompatible: you will not be able to watch the replays you made in PewPew v1.0. I am sorry, but it was just too complicated to maintain compatibility.
  • I finally added a new mode, Chromatic Conflict. In this mode, you can change the color of your ship. Depending on the color of your ship, you can destroy certain enemies.
  • During the replays, you can stop the rotation of the camera, and fast forward.
Edit: and I forgot to mention that PewPew v1.1 allows you to listen to your own music.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update cancelled!

Okay, so I submitted the update two weeks ago, and it is still "In Review". I had not realized my update was so big it required 2 weeks of attention.

So I canceled the update, because right after it would have been accepted it, I would have submitted a new one, and I am pretty sure Apple wouldn't have appreciated it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Forcing xCode to update the bundle

When you modify some of your ressources files in a xCode project, the bundle does not get updated until you modify some port of the code (or do a rebuild all, which takes a while on bigger project).
So here's my (ridiculous) work around:

mac:~ jyaif$ while [ 1 ]; do touch /Users/jyaif/PewPew/Resources/data/boo; rm /Users/jyaif/PewPew/Resources/data/boo; sleep 5; done

In other news, I am still waiting for my update to get approved. I suspect Apple takes this long, to discourage devellopers from updating their apps too often, as this would force them to hire one or -god forbid- two additional testers. In totally unrelated news, I installed and tried the Android SDK :o