Saturday, March 27, 2010

PewPew 2's progress

I haven't posted in quite some time now because I've been so busy with programming PewPew 2, but quite a few people are asking for news, so here we go:
PewPew 2 is progressing real well. Here are some of the new features that are currently done:
-Scores can be uploaded anytime, not just after you've played (it should have been the case from the start, I know)
-Replays are now uploaded along the scores. This will allow you to watch and admire the best players play. Also, you'll be able to show off.
-Better graphics, 3D sound, seriously optimized engine.
-2 new sound tracks.
-A 10 level campaign with a lot of diversity. And a boss.
-2 new unlock-able game modes (in addition to megagore, assault, chromatic conflict and dodge this)
-Medals. These are rewards when you achieve certain scores in one of the 6 game modes.
-6 different ships. You progressively unlock them by obtaining medals.
-Lot's of new ennemies.

I think it's enough new content for a first release of PewPew 2. Make no mistakes though, there will be updates ;-)
So what am I waiting for? Why am I not submitting PewPew 2 to the app-store? Well, I need to polish everything up. This is the step that will make PP2 awesome. I have to carefully balance everything, make sure the difficulty is not too high (I tend to do that), not to low (no worries there), that the in-game explanations are clear, that the objectives in every campaign level are also clear, etc...

One more thing... I have been busy bringing PewPew 2 to the iPad! Here are the first screenshots of PewPew 2 HD:
That's Megagore. Notice the increased viewing field.
And that? That's one of the level of the campaign ;-)
That's the splash screen. The quote comes from a review on the Canadian App Store, and I find it absolutely hilarious. I had to put it somewhere; I hope the author doesn't mind!
Fun fact: like 99% of the developers creating iPad apps, I haven't got an iPad to test it on. To find the ideal position for the virtual joysticks, I've made myself a dummy iPad in cardboard and imagined myself playing with it! Actually, probably all the game developers for the iPad have done the same thing.

OK, enough chitchat, I have a game to finish.