Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PewPew 1.4 and PewPew 2 1.2 submitted to the app store

I finally submitted to the App Store updated versions of PewPew and PewPew 2! Both versions now support the iPad's and the iPhone 4's resolution.

Most changes are in PewPew 2:

  • There's an improved Chapter One: among the things I did was adding visual feedback showing destructible objects were reacting to the players' bullets, so the players would know those objects were destructible . More importantly, I've corrected the bug where the game denied the completion of a level when a player died just after completing the level's objectives, but before the transition back to the menu.
  • There's the long awaited Chapter Two ! It took a really long time to create because it's containing a lot of new enemies, and the levels are more complex than in the first chapter.
  • I now display the best times for the campaign levels.

  • I've added a new infinity mode that you unlock by completing the chapter Two. This mode is very different from the existing ones since you actually control 2 ships. It took a while to adjust the difficulty progression because I am actually not a very good player at this game mode =). It's tough to adjust the gameplay for players that are going to be much better than you.

  • I've slightly improved user interface. I've made the buttons prettier because I've always felt the old buttons (just a rectangle) were boring. Also I've removed the explosions in the backgrounds since they just weren't justified, and in my opinion reduced the purity of the menus.
I've also re-done the website. The client side is done in GWT while the server side is in python. One of the visible change is that the high scores now include the colors of the nicknames :-)

Now that I think about it I was quite productive. I really hope you all like the new stuff. My goal is to make PewPew 2 the best twin joystick game on the App Store, so I am going to keep on working on it.