Monday, June 21, 2010

PewPew, step 10

At the beginning of this blog, I used to do short movies showing the progress of the game. I think it's cool to look back and see what changed and what hasn't.
Following this spirit, I made a small video showing the new game mode in action:

It features two new enemies internally called "Rolling Cube" and "Planner" :)

It looks really cool, but I still find it hard to play because my fingers tend to slip off the screen. This is because when the two ships are going in opposite directions, they cancel each others movement. Because I want to move anyway, I naturally move my fingers away from the centers of the joysticks, and thus move my fingers off the touchscreen.
There is really nothing I can do, except maybe visually notify the players that they are already moving as much as they can, and that they don't need to move their fingers further from the center. Come to think about it, it's an excellent idea. Yay. Now back to work.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One month after...

The lack of posts on this blog is due to some furious bug fixing. During this past month I submitted to the App Store:
-PewPew 2
-PewPew 2 Lite, but I removed it from the app store immediately because I had actually uploaded the full version, instead of the Lite version...
-an update to PewPew 1 to notify everyone about PewPew 2
-an update to PewPew 2 because PewPew 2 was crashing when the score table was full, and because the iPad version simply did not start. It got rejected because the game did not support correctly the orientations of the iPad...
-a second update to PewPew 2 to fix all the issues I was aware of at the time (it got accepted).

At the moment, there seems to be no bugs left on the iPhone, but the iPad version sometimes crashes when validating a score, or when editing the name... It will get fixed!

While waiting for Apple to approve the various updates, I worked on the campaign. In the next campaign, you'll fight the "Boss" once more. This time however, it's going to be a bit harder to defeat him (some cannons/turrets will accentuate the chaos).

Recently, I have been working on a new Infinity game mode called "Symbiosis". You control 2 ships of different colors, much like in the xbox 360 game Schizoid. The blue ship will be invincible to blue enemies, and the red ship will be invincible to red enemies. For now, the ships are linked with an electric field that destroys enemies. The electric field is also a spring, so one ship can drag the other ship.

Don't mind the graphics, I am only testing the gameplay.

I am far from having the gameplay done, and I am not even sure yet this game mode will ever be included in PewPew 2. Controlling two ships at the same time is really really hard, and that's why I added the spring between the ships: it helps keeping the two ships close. Still, I am persuaded that this game mode has potential.