Tuesday, August 30, 2011

XPeria Play support

While it's true that Android's openness cause fragmentation which increases the work of the developers, it also allows the creation of new markets and opportunities.
The XPeria PLAY by Sony Ericsson is one of those opportunities, and allows mobile game developers frustrated by the touch screen to have fun ;-)

As you can see, it has buttons, but most importantly for me, it has two touch-joysticks (I just invented that term, and now that I think about it, it doesn't mean anything).
I recently released a version of PewPew 2 optimized for the XPeria PLAY, and will be doing the same for PewPew 1 soon.

Sony Ericsson has been really awesome with the whole thing. After exchanging a few emails they rapidly sent an XPeria PLAY simply after I promised I would bring PewPew to their phone. No stupid contracts or anything, they just trusted me. Really cool.

Now the phone itself is fantastic and feels really solid, and the joysticks are surprisingly usable. It is thicker than most phones, but that's to be expected from the slide out gamepad. The GPU is great and in fact it's the Android phone I tested where PewPew runs best.
You can read a more detailed review over at engadget, but overall if you like playing games it's a great phone.