Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Current todo list

Here is the current list of tasks I need to do before releasing an update for PewPew:
  • force/encourage doing the tutorial when playing the game for the first time
  • ask for confirmation when quitting a game
  • permit the activation/deactivation of the rotation during a replay
  • make it obvious to the player that he has taken a bonus
  • load some of the needed models at the beginning of a game (to avoid ingame slowdowns)
  • somewhat precalculate the explosions, and reduce the number of particules
  • make the explosions more spectacular
  • put the game in pause when a low battery alert appears
  • create a versioning system for the scores
  • ignore replays that can no longer be played
  • externalise the modes descriptions
  • finish the 3rd mode
  • make the difficulty increase more slowly in the "Assault" mode
  • optimize [a small] part of the collision detection
Green = done
Red = might not be done